The Board thought it would be appropriate to send out the following facts regarding the Holiday Lighting Costs:

  • The $14,000 listed on the recently mailed budget is a budget item and does not reflect the actual costs of the installation of the lights, but rather allows for installation and removal as well as an amount for contingency replacement of the very large inventory of light strands should we have failures. Some of the lights are twelve years old. Extra budget is set aside because we’re not exactly sure when we will replace lights and/or have a labor rate increase.
  • Over the years, based on overwhelming positive feedback and homeowner requests, we have expanded the area that is covered to include the entire entrance island.
  • 2016 labor lighting expenditure was $9,000; Total including materials was $10,351.20.
  • 2017 lighting expenditure is predicted to be $9,180 (take down has not occurred).
  • The labor hours involved in putting up the lights is 150 hours at a cost of $45/per hour.
  • The labor hours involved in the take down and storage preparation is approximately 50 hours.
  • We have looked at other options, and the market for this service from a licensed, insured contractor is very narrow. In fact, the only other options were $20,000.
  • If a homeowner has a better supplier, please provide as our licensed and insured general contractor is accommodating the lighting request due to our relationship rather than a service they offer.
  • The cost includes storing the Holiday Lights, and the associated electrical and wiring harness.
  • If you see an outage, please report it asap.
  • This is posted on the Wood Ranch HOA website @
  • Please be aware that our management company does not have access to, and therefore cannot provide the facts around the costs or any other issue in that forum.
  • Property Management & Accounting’s email is

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