The architectural committee is made up of community volunteers that are appointed by the board of directors. Their job is to review the applications for compliance with the CC&R’s. These “Standards of Building and Appearance”, help Woodranch maintain its desirability and high property values.

Requirements for Architectural Applications

  1. Any change to a lot requires an architectural application.
    For structures and hard scapes, elevation and drainage drawings must accompany the application.
  2. Town of Danville permits must also be submitted with application. Please read the architectural guidelines prior to submitting your plans to the Town of Danville. Just because you receive a permit from the Town of Danville does not mean that it will be approved in Woodranch.
  3. Two paint chips must be submitted for each color on painting applications. An
    architectural application must be submitted even if you are repainting your house in
    the same colors.
  4. Applications with all appropriate plans should be sent to the property manager at the
    address on the top of the application.
  5. Neighbor notification and signatures are required on all applications. This is not a
    neighbor approval, but a notification process that lets the neighbors see a copy of the
    plans and facilitates open communication

As a basic guideline what is generally approved in Woodranch is what you see existing in the neighborhood.

Approval Procedure

  1. First, always check the current Architectural Guidelines
  2. Submit application with appropriate plans, drawings, paint chips, plant species and sizes and any required permits from the Town of Danville.
  3. Upon receipt of the application the property manager will date stamp it and deliver it to the Architectural Review Board.
  4. The Architectural Review Board will check the application for completeness and to make sure that it conforms to the architectural guidelines and the CC&R’s. The Architectural Review Board has 30 days to complete this process, (the average time usually only takes 15 days). During their review of the application and during the building process the Architectural Review Board may call the homeowner or visit the job site to verify conformity to the Architectural Guidelines.
  5. Incomplete applications will be denied and returned to the homeowner.
  6. Please remember we are volunteers. We don’t do rush jobs! So plan accordingly.

Architectural Guidelines

Architectural Application

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